Ninja+ is a quick paced platformer game in which you swing around using your ropes and ninja skills to avoid enemies and collect all the coins. Use your throwing knives to take out the baddies as you swing and jump your way through each level. Compete for the fastest level times with high scores and become the ultimate ninja master in this great flash game.

When you’re done with the levels mode in Ninja+, you can try your hand at creating your own levels. Enter the builder mode to create your level, and just hit export when you’re done to share your levels with the world in this addictive swinging platform game.

Tips for Ninja+

  1. Your throwing knives can be used to collect coins. Use them for those hard to reach coins, or just to collect coins faster.
  2. You don’t get points for killing enemies, so don’t waste time attacking them if you want the fastest time.
  3. Don’t always use the rope, sometimes it’s quicker to just jump over obstacles or up walls.
  4. The farther away you are from the point where your rope sticks, the faster you will go.
  5. Spikes are indicated by small black dots on the floor. Watch out for them, as they can come up when you least expect it.
  6. Your game’s progress is saved as long as you play it on Freelance Flash Games. So come back to continue your game right where you left off.