DropSum Colours is a flash variation of the popular game Bubble Breaker that is packed full of features. It includes achievements, power-ups, combos, levels, and more. Play through levels unlocking achievements, using power-ups, and breaking bubbles in Bubble Breaker mode, or play through the numbers version of this fun puzzle game.


  1. Use the bonus multiplier to your advantage. The more combos you make, the higher it goes. The bonus multiplier not only increases your points, but is how you unlock new power-ups.
  2. Save those power-ups. Since you need to pop a certain number of bubbles each level, most power-ups will be needed at the end of the level when you are struggling to break a few more bubbles.
  3. Pop bubbles quickly. Your combo meter will reset if you take too long.
  4. Don’t pop just a few bubbles. You need to pop a relatively significant amount of bubbles for it to increase, otherwise it will reset.
  5. Know what your power-ups will do at the beginning of a level. You won’t have time to figure it out at the end, so hover that mouse over those power-ups before the level starts, so you know which one to use if you should need it.
  6. There’s 50 achievements to unlock. You’ll need to play both modes of gameplay to unlock them.
  7. More colors are added as you progress through this flash game, so rack up the power-ups early on and save a couple for later levels in this fast paced puzzler.
  8. Your achievements are automatically saved, as long as you stay on FreelanceFlashGames. So just come back to keep playing right where you left off.