Artificial Junk is a game in which you play as a robot defending himself from the evil and corrupted robots. Taking place in a junkyard, you will start out as a weak and feeble robot head. As the game progressing, you will be able to use money earned from killing robots to purchase new body parts and weapons. Use these upgrades to battle through 15 action packed levels in this flash game. Arrow Keys to move and A or S key to attack.


  1. If you come across a level you can’t beat, try to replay the previous levels to earn more cash.
  2. Some body upgrades will unlock new body parts, so don’t just keep upgrading the same one.
  3. If you don’t like hopping around to start the game, invest in the body upgrade, then buy the treads.
  4. Once you unlock a melee weapon, it’s a good strategy to shoot then run in for the beat down to finish them off quickly.
  5. Your progress is saved as long as the game is played on Freelance Flash Games, so feel free to leave the game and come back here to continue playing.