When you set about designing an online game, you’ll have plenty of different things you want to accomplish: from providing quality entertainment for your players to addressing ¬†their specific preferences and more. All in all, there’s a great deal to keep track of!

One of those important concerns is the concept of catering your game to your specific target audience. After all, attracting your audience successfully is what will determine how well your game does, so this should be at the forefront of your mind. With that said, here are a few tips on how to go about arranging your game to appeal to your audience.

Broad-Reaching Games

Broad-Reaching Online GamesIf you’re simply making an independent game, or miscellaneous addition to an existing games site, you’ll have a great deal of freedom in terms of catering to your audience. This is because a miscellaneous game doesn’t come with expectations. You still don’t want your game to be completely abstract though. Choose a general, broad style, such as “RPG Games,” and you’ll naturally draw a large audience.

Games For Specific Audiences

This is where things get much trickier. If you’ve been contracted to build a game for a site with an existing audience, you’ll have a whole new set of concerns about how best to please that audience. For example, say you’ve been contracted to build a new poker game for¬†Bet Fair Casino, a major online gambling site – you’ll need to spend time learning their audience and designing your game to please that audience. Here are a few general tips on how to succeed in this sort of situation.

    • Match The Theme – Figure out the atmosphere and theme (if there is one) of the site you’re designing a game for. Whether the site is serious, goofy, artistic, fancy, etc., your game should match the general feel. A great deal of this will have to do with your game’s graphics, which should blend seamlessly with existing games on the site.
    • Make An Appropriate Tutorial – This is crucial. Your game’s tutorial must clearly explain gameplay while appealing to your specific audience. For example, younger gamers might appreciate less text with more graphics and demos, whereas older gamers may be more patient with written detail.
    • Set Appropriate Difficulty – No one likes a game that’s simply too hard to enjoy, so it’s crucial to adjust your difficulty to fit your audience. Generally speaking, the younger the audience, the easier the game should be. However, you have to find a balance where it’s not too easy, either.
    • Remember The Money – Keep in mind that your game will need to generate income, and be aware of how the site goes about doing this. You’ll need to structure your game in order to match the revenue model, whether that be advertisements, in-game purchases, etc.

Ultimately, if you keep these general tips in mind, you should be able to make a game that fits beautifully with your target audience. Good luck designing your next hit game!

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