Flash Gaming Summit 2012

Flash Gaming Summit 2012 is less than two months away and I’ve got a discount for you if you’re looking to attend. But before we get to that, let’s take a look at this year’s conference.

What is Flash Gaming Summit?

Flash Gaming Summit, held in sunny San Francisco, California, is an annual conference for Flash game developers. Each year, FGS brings together hundreds of flash game developers to hear presentations from top-notch game developers such as Jared Riley of Hero Interactive or Andy Moore of Radial Games.

What are the topics?

While the official presentation topics have yet to be released, the theme for FGS 2012 is Maximizing Your Game. Whether you’re looking to develop (maximize) your game for multiple platforms, improve (mazimize) the quality of your game, or discover (maximize) new marketing, distribution, and revenue streams, you’re going to learn a lot from this conference. Knowing the folks at Flash Gaming Summit, there should be some great case studies for you to learn from too.

Sounds great! Where can I get tickets?

You’ve got two options for getting tickets.

The first way is through FlashGamingSummit.com. Just head over to their website and click Register. You’ll even get 15% off if you enter the discount code blog_freelanceflashgames.

The second, and more unusual way, is through the Indie Giving Event. Organized by the kind people over at Flash Game License, a $125 ticket will give you room and board for two nights, a ticket to FGS 2012, meals on Saturday, and even two free t-shirts. The best part? You get to spend all day Saturday giving back by helping out a local charity. It’s a win-win really, so check it out if that seems like something you’d be interested in.

What if I can’t attend?

Just because you can’t attend the conference doesn’t mean you have to miss out. The conference should be streaming live, allowing you to catch all the Flash goodness right from your computer screen.

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