If your looking to bring in some extra cash, take a look at theĀ 2nd Games that Challenge World Contest.

Brought to you by the social gaming site Come2Play and the Flash Game Developers group on LinkedIn, the contest will award prizes for the top 4 games built using Come2Play’s Multiplayer API. But before I get into the details and rules, let’s break down the prizes.

1st Place: $5,000

2nd Place: $3,000

3rd Place: $1,250

4th Place: $750

That’s some healthy cash coming into your income stream considering that you can submit previously released games. This means you can still get sponsorship revenue on top of all that possible prize money. Just keep in mind, not all sponsors will be okay with this, so make sure you check with your sponsor first.

Now let’s talk about the requirements. In order to enter the contest, you’ll have to:

Games will be judged based on their replayability, sound effects, design, concept, execution, and multiplayer playability. Extra consideration will be given to games that implement features such as view mode, practice mode, saving and loading and security to protect against hackers (all of which are part of Come2Play’s Multiplayer API).

Interested? Then head on over to the game contest page to check out the official details.

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