It’s time for yet another Freelancer’s Flash Bash, in which I round up great flash-related articles from around the web. This week’s Flash Bash includes a mix of flash-related tutorials, tips, tools, concepts, books, and advice.

8BitRocket has a nice, new site design up, and has been putting out quality articles to match such as the state of microtransactions and an interview with Jobe Makar.

ActiveTuts+ has been publishing a variety of in-depth AS3 tutorials about topics such as site-locking your SWF and building a frogger game with flixel. They’re lengthy, but well worth checking out for all you AS3 readers out there.

Ahrooga has 10 tips to help you become a better game developer. Put tip #8 into practice by learning how to manage volume and save data in flash.

AS3 Game Gears is a new site dedicated to actionscript 3 tools for game developers. I can’t even begin to describe all the tools that are available, so you’ll have to take a look yourself.

Emanuele Feronato has an interesting series on how to create a game like Pixel Purge: the fun shooter/avoider game. He’s also writing a book, although the topic is still shrouded in mystery. Let’s just hope he doesn’t steal my book idea ;)

Fernando Ramallo took my Big List of Sponsors and compiled it into a nifty spreadsheet with updated contacts and comments.

Freelance Flash Games: I’m nearly done the upcoming ebook Getting Your Flash Game Sponsored. Expect it to be released within the next two weeks, but until then check out my articles on implementing high scores and the importance of reputation or sign up for my newsletter to hold yourself over.

Flash Game Monetization has a quick article about monetizing your game with foreign portals 7k7k and YouYouWin.

GamingYourWay has some excellent post mortems on their games Ionic and cronusX. I loved both games, especially cronusX, so go check their post mortems out.

Game Producer has shares his thoughts on using beta testers for your games, a vital step for any game developer.

Iain Lobb covers Flash on the Beach in a nice write-up with juicy links to presentations.

Joseph Burchett ponders the importance of C++ in the game development community. While C++ is how most big-brand games are made, there is always room for other languages (like good old flash).

MochiLand has some quick recaps of PAX West and Casual Connect. They’re just long enough to make me wish I had been there.

Photon Storm reviews 8-bit Rocket’s book The Essential Guide to Flash Games and takes a look at DAME, a map editor for flixel. The review on 8-bit Rocket’s book is is the best I’ve seen yet, at least until I can get my hands on it.

Phil Peron has a nice, little polygon collision testing tutorial. It’s not exactly in-depth, but is useful for learning how it works.

Rasmus Wriedt Larsen posted a quick tip about eye-easing software F.lux. Basically, it adjusts your screen depending on the time of day for optimal visual comfort. Your eyes will thank you.

Untold Entertainment has been busy lately attending game developer conferences and working on his upcoming Unity 3d game development book. You think these conferences would be willing to privately jet a certain budding flash games blogger to them?

Vortix Games started a running developer journal for their new game Bruce Ali. If that doesn’t do it for you, I highly suggest you check out their series on developing a business model. Vlad lays down some killer advice on running a successful game development company that boils down into a simple mantra.

Did I miss something? Do you want your site featured in the next Freelancer’s Flash Bash? Let me know in the comments.

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