Trophy for Winning A High ScoreIf you’re trying to find a way to make your flash game more fun without spending tons of time creating new features, high scores can be immensely useful. High scores take very little time to add, yet they can increase a game’s:

  • Replayability. You’ll find that more players are replaying your levels in order to increase their overall score.
  • Fun. Players always love a little competition. High scores are a simple way to provide them with player-vs-player competitiveness without actually implementing multiplayer features.
  • Sponsorability. Not only will the added replayability and fun factor of your flash game help attract sponsors, but scoreboards give a game more chances to link back to the sponsor’s portal (through the scoreboards), which is something every flash sponsor loves to see.

If you think your game can benefit from high scores, try one of these methods:

Level Completion.

Put simply, completing levels will earn you points. If you want to make it interesting, try rewarding points based on the percentage of the level that was completed.

Time-based Scoring.

Reward players based on the amount of time it takes to complete a given task or level. This method usually uses a timer which counts down from a set number: thus, the faster a player completes the level or task, the more points they score. If the player waits too long, the timer will run out and they will receive no bonus score.

Item Collection

Collect items in order to receive points. Possible items could include coins, upgrades, or power-ups. Bonuses could be awarded for collecting all the items on a level.

Lives Bonus

Award players for staying alive. Give them a score bonus for each life they have remaining at the end of a level. This can be done in two ways:

  • A set bonus, in which you give the player a specific amount of points depending on the amount of lives or health remaining.
  • A multiplier, which increases the players score by multiplying their overall score by a factor. This method is used in tangent with other scoring methods, as it requires there to already be a score to multiply.


Compensate players for doing certain sets of actions together within a set amount of time. Most typically used fighting or puzzle games, combos occur as events happen, adding onto the player’s score in the form of a bonus or multiplier that grows larger with each consecutive event.

Mix and Match

Many times there will be multiple scoring methods that might fit your game. In this case you can either (1) choose a method and stick to it or (2) use multiple scoring methods. While multiple methods may take more time to implement, they can be much more satisfying for a player when all the scoring methods stack up on one another at the end of a level or game to give the player their final score.

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