Time for the latest update on my upcoming ebook. As I mentioned earlier, the ebook is the complete flash developers guide to helping you get your game sponsored, and make more money from those sponsorships.

Today I’m going to reveal the name of the ebook, and let you decide on the format(s) it will release in.

Let’s start with the name: Sponsorship Success

I settled upon this name because it sums up the content of the ebook really well. The ebook is all about helping you be more successful in selling your game. Plus, it just sounds right: Sponsorship Success.

Now, for the special reader poll.

I’ve already decided that the ebook will be released in pdf format. However, I can also self-publish the book as a coil-bound, black and white copy for those of you who prefer real pages to flip through.

Would you be interested in a hard copy of Sponsorship Success?

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