I’ve been few and far between on posts lately, but not without good reason. I’ve been hard at working creating the content for an awesome ebook I plan on releasing within the next month.

Under production for the past few months, the ebook will delve into the world of flash game sponsorships.

The underlying principle behind the ebook is to help developers like you get your games sponsored, and to earn more money from those sponsorships.

Centered around using the Flash Game License system, the ebook is a complete guide to the sponsorship process. I don’t want to release too many details just yet, but it covers the basics that beginner developers will need to know (such as uploading, sitelocking, and license terms) as well as advanced sections on perfecting your game details, gathering game feedback, negotiating with sponsors and a plethora of ways to improve your game’s sponsorability.

I’m proud to announce that the writing stage is nearly done. It’s just a matter of finishing up a few sections, then editing, polishing, and designing the template.

Check back soon for the unveiling of the ebook’s name and a special reader poll in which you get to decide the format(s) the book releases in.

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