I recently reviewed a program called SWF Protector, which will basically encrypt your swfs and protect them from lazy decompilers and thieves who are trying to steal your work. The thing is, the kind folks over at DComSoft decided to give me 3 free business licenses of the product, valued at $60 apiece. Instead of selfishly hoarding them all for myself (and let’s be honest, what would I do with 3 copies of the same program?), I decided to give them away to you, the faithful readers of Freelance Flash Games.

Enter to Win a FREE copy of DComSoft's SWF Protector

How do I enter?

Simple, follow me on twitter @ffgdirector and tweet about this contest including this url within your tweet: http://bit.ly/ahyfZ8

Or, if you’re the lazy type, just copy and paste this message: I’m entering @ffgdirector‘s Protect My SWF Contest: http://bit.ly/ahyfZ8

When does the contest end?

Entries must be submitted by Friday, April 16th 2010.

How will the winners be decided?

I will take all the names of the participants and organize them into an excel file. Then using actionscript code (this is a flash contest of course), I will generate 3 random numbers that will decide which participant in the excel file will win the free copies of SWF Protector. Winning participants can Direct Message me their name and platform (Windows, Linux, or Mac) to receive their prize.

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