I’m back with another Freelancer’s Flash Bash, and I’ve got some juicy links for all of you. We have awesome resource lists, GDC round-ups, tutorials and my friends over at 8BitRocket have even released a book!

8BitRocket released their very own book, entitled The Essential Guide to Flash Games: Building Interactive Entertainment with Actionscript. It’s a monster of awesomeness, with over 650 pages of AS3 game development knowledge and tutorials. I know I’ll be using it when I decide to switch to AS3 this summer, now if I could just score a review copy ;)

Emanuele Feronato has a nice little series on Box2D game creation, and compiled a list of isometric engines for flash game creation. Be sure to check it out for some great free and commercial engines.

Facebook Indie Games, a new site to the indie games scene and my flash bashes, has been churning out quality articles on facebook game development faster than I can read them. Amongst his posts includes a great round-up of the best GDC slideshows, 10 reasons people buy virtual goods, and 9 ways to promote your game on facebook.

Fan To Pro, another new site to my flash bashes, has a massive list of game development resources organized into categories ranging from graphics and design to development and technology. Not only does he list over 100 resources to use, but he has comments about every one, helping you pick and choose the ones you’ll like best.

Flash Chaz is running a contest giving away free copies of SWF Protector. Head on over to win some free swag and take a look at his insightful article on player psychology while you’re there.

Flash Game Monetization, also known as Elite Games, has two good write-ups of Casual Connect in Europe. He discusses some interesting lectures, and various portals and companies that showed up.

Game Devigner has a good lesson on how pushing yourself beyond your limits and trying to do too much can really take a toll on you. After awhile without posting, I’m glad to see him back and working on a new game as well his own charity foundation.

Gaming Your Way, another favorite of mine, has some musings about types of game controls and a wonderful collection of tips for iPhone and Flash CS5 game development. He also has a wealth of information on the new service GamesChart in his interview with the founder Barry White.

Joseph Burchett has been busy with lots of flash related accomplishments, including joining the Flash Game License team. He was also featured on Game Developer’s Radio a couple months ago. It’s a great listen, and I meant to publish it ages ago, but haven’t gotten around to a link post until now ;)

Michael James Williams put out more of his excellent in-depth tutorials on topics such as AS3 code optimization and blitting in flash. He’s also a technical editor over at Activetuts + so be sure to give the site a look. It’s got a whole bunch of neat AS3 tutorials.

MochiLand put together a fine list of recordings from Flash Gaming Summit. Get your hunger for flash knowledge satisfied with recordings of presentations from some of the best developers and companies in the business.

Photon Storm has a nice tutorial on saving movieclips as pngs. Quick and simple, just the way I like them.

Iq Andreas put together a list of the best actionscript blogs to follow. I’m glad to say I made the cut. He also has a good tutorial on saving AS3 language references onto your hard drive.

Phil Peron created an introduction to ElectroServer and PushButton Engine for those of you interested in using these two game engines/frameworks together.

Porter’s World is advocating that the power is yours when it comes to monetization of your flash game. Don’t sell yourself short.

Rasmus Wriedt Larson is blogging quick tips for developers, such as scrolling in a swf and managing saved data. Useful stuff.

The Tech Labs put out the Sound Effects part of their Away3D shoot’em’up tutorial. Now you can listen to the pew pew of the lasers firing or any other crazy sounds you want.

Tim Roger’s has a lengthy article on video game design. It’s long, but much of what he says can be applied to flash games. Definitely worth checking out if you’ve got the time to read it.

Trent Polack has a whole overview of the Game Developer’s Conference, not only summarizing the events of each day, but writing up the important points from various presentations as well. Give it a look if you weren’t able to attend, or just want a memory jogger of all that took place at GDC.

Untold Entertainment also published a series of articles on the Game Developer’s Conference. Lot’s of good stuff to check out as he summarizes the encounters and events he attended each day. Take a gander for some of his excellent summaries and comical wit.

Vortix Games recently put out their Bold Pixel Engine, and are already hard at work on version 2. They also have a great post on fun’s role in game design and an interesting rant about acting professionally in the flash games industry.

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