Pro Arcade Script; an arcade site content management systemIn the flash game industry, reputation is important when it comes to getting the best sponsorships. Most sponsors will let you put your own intro and developer branding into your game. Why not do something with that branding and use it to promote your own flash arcade site.

Today I’m going to be reviewing Pro Arcade Script, a quick to set-up and easy to use arcade script that lets you focus your time on adding great games instead of messing with mounds of code. I liked it so much I decided to use it for my own flash arcade, which you can check out at It’s a great example of what the script can do, and how easy it is to customize the built in templates.

Let’s delve into the features of Pro Arcade Script first. On the front end, the script has 2 fully coded themes to choose from which can be modified fairly easily to make your site truly unique. Various page blocks can be added or removed including hot games, random games, news, top users, recently added games, favorites, and more. Users profiles allow players to add favorite games, list fans, and add friends giving the script powerful social features.

The key to this arcade script seems to be customization, and it shows on the back end. The scripts unique page block system allows site owners to customize the script to their liking, adding certain blocks to specific parts of the site. For example, if you want an add to only appear on the game page, you can do that. If you want to add your own html content or php scripts, that’s doable as well. The php based control panel allows site owners to quickly edit comments, site settings, contact details, and news.

Website owners will also be happy to know that the script supports caching, and seo-friendly urls, both of which are essential in getting traffic to your site and keeping that traffic happy by ensuring speedy load times. Built in ad blocks will let you monetize your site using popular ad programs such as Adsense or your own custom ads. There’s even a built in statistics program which lets you track the number of game plays.

Now, most importantly, Pro Arcade Script’s content management system. Games can be added manually using the forms you would typically see on most game site’s when submitting your games. Or, you can add flash games by using the MochiAds game feed. This means you are just a click away from accessing the hundreds of games within Mochi’s feed. The system allows you to filter games by category, tags, or content rating to ensure you import the games you want.

With all these great features, Pro Arcade Script will set you back a modest $59 to get yourself started. But just for being a reader of my site, you can get 20% off the list price using the code FFGREVIEW. Discounts are also available for arcade owners looking to buy multiple licenses. Interested in purchasing Pro Arcade Script? Check out their site for a full script overview and demo.

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