Vortix Games Studios has recently announced the release of their new Actionscript 3 framework called Bold Pixel Engine. The engine compiles a number of useful classes and coding tasks commonly used in game development to give developers a streamlined engine capable of efficient and effective game creation.

Already in use in two soon to be released games, Bold Pixel Engine integrates a variety of useful classes ranging from algorithms and data structures to input and sound control.It even has a fully functioning blit engine which allows you to easily add blitting, a technique that allows for extremely fast rendering by not using movieclips but by directly drawing to a bitmapdata object, to your game.

Designed to be aesthetically pleasing, Vlad of Vortix Games Studio comments “most of the decisions we did regarding the engine organization were tailored to be easy on the eye for developers. If you create a movieClip you’ll see A LOT of stuff there, functions, variables and so on. We coded BPE taking into consideration that less is more and that regardless of how complex it is, the only thing we as developers need to see is what was made public, all the rest is private or internal. This means that something as complex as the blit engine’s classes when being coded, only show a handful of methods and variables instead of a ton of stuff we don’t need or use.”

Here’s a quick rundown of feature for you:

  • Collision Detection algorithm
  • Path Finding algorithm for tiled maps
  • Blit Engine
  • Keycode Array
  • Math classes such as Random and Geometry
  • 2D Arrays
  • States
  • Clock control
  • Toolkit which includes management for:
    • Music
    • Scenes
    • Input
    • Saves
    • Loops
    • Sound Effects

Best of all, Bold Pixel Engine is free! Vortix Games Studio designed it as part of their game development process and they’re now giving out access to their engine hoping they can help you with your game development process too. Go check it out.

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