Come2Play has done some great flash developer promotions in the past, and are at it again with another contest aimed at getting developers to incorporate their multiplayer based API. Called The Games that Challenge the World Competition, the contest calls for developers to create turn-based multiplayer games which pit players against one another in a head-to-head game using Come2Play’s multiplayer API.

Now for your favorite part, the prize money. Come2Play has teamed up with LinkedIn to offer a $5,000 grand prize for the 1st place winner. 2nd place will net you a nice $2,000 and 3rd place will get you a respectable $1,000 prize.

The best part about the competition? It’s non-exclusive. This means that you can still get your flash game sponsored, and can even submit already released games (as long as you implement their multiplayer API into the submitted version). They’ll even pay you to release a single-player game with their API incorporated into it. Come2Play is offering up to $3,0oo to convert flash games with over 100,000 plays and over a 3.5 score on Kongregate or Newgrounds.

Wondering how to get started and enter the competition? First head over to their website to check out their multiplayer API and see if it fits your needs. Here are a couple features that stuck out.

  • It allows you to do away with server side script and use purely Actionscript to create your game. They even take care of the servers, connections, and hosting for you.
  • Supports social media features such as leaderboards, chat systems, lobbies, tokens, and shops. This means you can use virtual currency (or microtransactions) within your game.
  • Allows use of in-game ad systems such as MochiAds or CPM-Star and offers revenue share program.
  • For distribution, games are launched as social network applications and automatically added to Come2Play’s network of partner sites.

To enter you must be a member of the Flash Developers Group on LinkedIn. Best get started soon if you’re interested as submissions are due by March 31, 2010. For full contest rules and submission guidelines head over to the official contest page.

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