Planning a flash game, but unsure of what time period to put it in? Look no further, I’ve compiled a massive list of times you can set your game in.

  • Prehistoric
    • Individual cells.
    • Oceanic. Ancient Fish.
    • Early land dwellers. Spiders, scorpions, amphibians etc.
    • Dinosaurs. Tyrannosaurus, velociraptor, triceratops, etc.
    • Age of Extinction.
    • Ice Age.
    • Cavemen/Neanderthals
  • Ancient History
    • Neolithic Era. Period in which humans domesticate plants and animals.
    • Egyptian Pharaohs. Period of pyramids and kings in Egypt.
    • Early Chinese Dynasties. Shang, Zhou, Yayoi, etc.
    • Bronze Age. Metal weapons and tools.
    • Greece. Spartans, Trojans, Athenians, etc.
    • Roman Empire. Soldiers and legions.
  • Early to Middle Years
    • Mongol Empire. Horsemen.
    • Medieval. Knights and castles in England.
    • Samurai in Japan.
    • Ninjas in Japan.
    • Chinese dynasties. Sui, Tang, Song, Jin, and more.
    • Age of Discovery. Ships and explorers.
    • Age of Enlightenment. Knowledge, reason.
    • Spanish conquistadors in America. Spanish colonization of the Americas.
    • Native Americans in America.
  • Modern Period
    • Industrial Revolution.
    • Machine Age
    • WWI
    • WWII
    • Cold War
    • Space Age
    • Steampunk. Alternate timeline with gears/steam/powered gadgets instead of electric.
  • Present Day
  • Future
    • Nano technology.
    • Robotics. Artificial Intelligence.
    • Mech Age. Operate mechanical suit of armor.
    • Alien exploration.
    • Nuclear Holocaust.
    • Post-Nuclear Holocaust.
    • Interplanetary travel.
    • Zombies.

Did I leaveĀ  your favorite time period out? Leave me a comment and I’ll be sure to add it for you.

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