Looking to create multiplayer games in AS3? A new service called Pulse has just come out offering flash developers a platform for creating multiplayer games.

Pulse allows developers to create multiplayer flash games without needing a knowledge of networking or server side coding. The object oriented coding platform can support both turn-based and real time multiplayer games, making it a good option for multiple game types.

One of the nice aspects of Pulse is the extensive number of built-in features it offers. Pulse offers developers room management, lobby management, a friends system, a private and public chat system, avatars, in-game registration, high scores, and more. While all of these features are built-in, an advanced user could customize each to his liking with the available source code.

Pulse has 4 main price models; single, full, professional, and enterprise, which range from $95 to $4,985. The differences between the models are subtle, as almost all of the features (such as unlimited games, rooms, players, databases and more) are available with the full price model. But if you want to the Pulse server SDK or a cluster of servers, then the professional or enterprise options may be for you. The lowest priced single version of pulse contains all the features as the full version except that it allows only one game to be deployed on the server, making it a great option for developers.

Developers that don’t want to deal with the hassle of setting up and maintaining servers can pay a $20 a month fee for hosting. However if you integrate the Andrograde microtransactions system into your game, besides being able to generate microtransaction revenue, you will be given hosting free of charge.

To check out examples of Pulse games in action, go visit their forums. If you’re interested in getting a copy of Pulse for yourself, head over to the site or pick up a free trial version of the multiplayer platform.

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