There’s been quite some time since my last collection of flash related links, and I’ve got some good ones for you.

8BitRocket has added a new Mochi Game of the Day series as well as their Game Review Mashups. Now you can keep up with the latest and greatest game releases without sifting through thousands of games yourself.

Badim wrote an article for MochiLand on his way of developing flash games, but it was soon taken down from their site due to anger over copyright infringement tactics mentioned in the article. He tries to make it right in this article about copyrights.

CheezeWorld is back and posting again with their Bitmap Animation API and article on Finite State Machines. This guy really knows his code.

Emanuele Feronoto has been teaching us how to create a Flash Artillery Game in Box2d and how to use flixel. I don’t know how he finds time to publish all these great tutorials.

Freelance Flash Games has created some excellent articles on rewarding players, doing cutscenes, and different enemy types for your games. In my professional opinion, they’re some of the best posts on this list ;)

FlashChaz has a new post up with a couple quick tips for using flash.  There are some nice tips and tricks there that can really annoy gamers when you don’t follow them.

Game Devigner talks about what it means to be an indie developer and is looking to possibly start an indie games portal. Check out these latest posts for some indie goodness.

Gaming our Way keeps you updated with their latest projects and bashes Badim’s article and his questionable development tactics. They also took over my site for a week in August with their gloriously designed CronusX theme, so give their game a play if you haven’t already.

Joseph Burchett, besides tweeting all the new and best flash links on twitter, has some great articles on technical debt in game development and his gaming habits. Go give his blog a look.

LostGarden published his second flash love letter. Words cannot describe the greatness, as this is a must read.

Michael James Williams has a nice post on understanding flash’s coordinate system. If words aren’t your thing, he has a bunch of pretty 2 and 3 dimensional diagrams to help hammer in the concept.

PhotonStorm has been keeping updated on the latest flash tools, and reviewed a 3d pixel art creator and a nifty sound package/mixer called FlodPro. I’m not quite sure how to describe it, so I’ll have to let you check it out for yourself. It even has teh codes; source codes at least ;)

IqAndreas wrote up a good post on using tweening functions. Move your movieclips around the stage with ease.

Phil Peron wrote a new post on embedding fonts and updated his S’troidz development blog with week 7. There’s not too many crucial updates, but he mentions a couple of my favorite distractions from game development.

Prince Porter has some great motivation for you lazy game developers and has  new series on becoming a game developer and part 2. So keep playing, designing, coding, and developing games and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a great game developer. Oh, and try to stay away from the police, they can really take away from your precious development time.

Rasmus Wriedt Larsen is teaching us text animation letter by letter and how to create car controls in flash. Just try to avoid crashing it.

Trent Pollack finished his new game Magnetic Butterfly and released it from it’s virtual cocoon.

Untold Entertainment has a new tutorial on fading movieclips and his detailed release plan for his game Kahoots. There are too many great rants and posts for me to include here, so you’ll have to check out his site to see them all.

Vortix Games has some excellent posts on code tricks, refactoring, and player types. 5/5 but could be better because no badges.

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