Most flash gamers think of a game as a quick game to pass the time. With so many different games out there, most gamers aren’t going to spend more than a couple minutes on your game unless they have some incentive to keep playing. In gaming, it’s not so much about rewarding your players with objects, but with accomplishments. Here are a couple ways to reward your players.


Players love upgrading to bigger and better things. So let them do it in your game by giving them new weapons, characters and unlockables or upgradeable stats for those objects. Upgrades are a great way to reward the player for staying with your game.


Achievements give players a feeling of ability and pride for accomplishing tasks that are deemed as tough. Not all players are capable of unlocking x number of achievements, so by awarding them out, you are giving players the chance to feel honoredfor the number of achievements they were able to unlock.

Quick Rewards

These type of rewards aren’t exactly mind blowing. They’re just simple objects to keep a gamer intrigued. They can come in the form of ammo packs, coins, health, and any other little bonuses that may fit your gameplay. While no gamers is going to come along and say “Wow, a coin, I guess I’ll keep playing.”, the quick rewards are a way to fill the time between the action in your game.

Medium Rewards

These rewards are nice, but not quite as good as big rewards. Medium rewards encompass objects like locked treasure chests and doors that must be opened with a key. They can also be in the form of puzzles or levels to beat. These rewards give players a feeling of triumph for completing the tasks that were thrown at them.

Big Rewards

Big rewards are what a player and developer loves to see. Big rewards only come near the end of the game, thus making the player happy for coming that far and the developer happy that players liked their game enough to finish it. They can come in the form of stage bosses, final bosses, or even game completion. When a player completes these tasks they feel rewarded that they were able to accomplish so much and beat the game.

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