HeyZap has just announced the start of their new microtransactions contest. Unlike any contest I’ve seen before, the contest revolves around the theme of microtransactions.

The idea is that the games earning the most money with HeyZap from the 30th of September to the 31 of October will receive cash prizes, on top of the microtransactions earnings (HeyZap shares 70%) they are already getting. First place will net you a nice $2,000 cash, while second place comes in with $1,000, and third place earning a respectable $500. There are also $100 awards for innovations such as:

  • Most visually creative virtual goods
  • Funniest virtual goods
  • Most innovative virtual goods
  • Deepest integration of virtual goods
  • Highest ‘zap’ appeal

Submissions are being accepted from August 27 until September 30. The revenue counting doesn’t start until September 30, so if you really want a chance at this contest, don’t release your game until near the start date. That way your game will go viral during the contest, netting you more money and a better chance to win the contest.

Interested in entering? Head over to HeyZap’s developer section to get started.

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