Games get boring real quick when you only have one type of enemy. Players can only take so much before they get bored of the repetition. But if you can add in new enemy types, it will give players more variety and increase the chances that they will continue playing your game. So if you’re looking for new ideas to spice up your game’s enemies, here are a couple suggestions.


These guys are the powerhouse of your baddies. Sure, they move slowly, but if they get close to your they really pack a punch. Slow enemies should have decreased speed (obviously) and increased health. Damage can vary from game to game depending on your purpose for slow enemies. Are they just there to draw firepower, which would mean low damage, or are they the powerful type, giving them high damage.


Be on the lookout for these baddies. They come in quick, and can catch you off guard if you’re reloading. Fast enemies typically have high speed (duh), low damage and minimal health. Their strength lies in the fact that they can reach you before you have time to beat them away, damaging your health slightly. After numerous hits, the damage can really add up.


Keep away from these enemies. They like to go out with a bang. Exploding enemies can be fast or slow, depending on the way you want to use them. If you really want to impress the player, let the explosion not only hurt you, but hurt other enemies when it’s triggered. That way if the gamer plays their cards right, they can use the baddie to their advantage.


These guys can be tricky. One second you’re shoooting them, the next second they’ve disappeared, only to pop up behind you. Take them out before their are too many, otherwise they can quickly overwhelm you. Teleporting enemies should have low to medium health, with low to medium damage. Speed isn’t very important, as they use teleporting to move around the field.


Alone, these enemies are a cinch to take care of. But, their strength lies in numbers. If you let too many start chasing you, it can be hard to avoid them all. Swarmers are usually low health and low damage, with medium speed.


While no particular trait stands out in regards to speed, health, or damage amounts, poisonous enemies can be deadly if you let them hit you. Enemies of this type can either spit poison (ranged attack), have poisonous weapons (melee), or spew poisonous pools when they die.


Ranged enemies should be dealt with quickly by players, because as more ranged enemies fill the screen, it can turn into more of a dodging game than whatever you intended it to be. Ranged enemies will typically have low to medium health, slow speed, and attack can vary depending upon your intentions.


Flying enemies can be hard to pin down. Depending upon your game type, players may need to use a different kind of weapon to take them out. Flying enemies’ have varying traits, as the only thing that sets them apart from normal enemies is the fact that they can fly.


These enemies are a strange bunch. They like to run away from you when you start chasing them, yet when you turn away they’ll come right back at you looking to attack. Avoiders will usually have medium health, damage, and speed.


Basically, scouts patrols a path or sits in one spot and if they “see” you, will alert other enemies. The other enemies are usually either much more powerful, or greater in numbers. The scout would also try to alert others if you damage it. Scouts typically have medium to low health, and moderate speed. If you’re going to fight it, best be strong and quick, otherwise just sneak past it.


These baddies look like your typical standard enemy. No special skills of any kind, until you get closer and they start charging you. Chargers are usually fast, but their charge is a short burst. Once they start running, most chargers cannot change direction, making them easy to defeat once you dodge their initial attack.


Magical enemies come in many shapes and sizes, but in general they will usually attack from a distance, using a spell to damage or weaken you stats and abilities. They’re usually slow, with a low amount of health, but with high damage.


You’ll want to deal with this type of enemy quickly. Healers will replenish the health of other enemies, making those enemies tough to kill unless you take out the healer first. Healers usually have low health and a medium amount of speed. Most healers can’t attack.


What type of game is complete without your standard enemy type. These guys are bland and boring, but provide some nice filler to make your other enemy types really stand out. Standard enemies will usually have medium health, damage, and speed.


The toughest enemies of them all, bosses can be a player’s worst nightmare. Bosses will usually have a special attack of some sort, setting them apart from other enemies. They’ll also have very high health and damage, while speed can vary.

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