Wondering how to make a rollover button in flash? This easy flash rollover tutorial will have you making amazing buttons for your flash menus in no time. Here is a link to the type of rollover button you will be making.

The first thing you’ll want to do is create a new button. Select Insert>New Button, or just hit Control+F8. Now name your button whatever you like, but be sure to select the button option.Creating a New Button in Flash

Now you’ll be taken to the button creation screen. Create your button however you want it to look. I chose to make mine a simple blue button with a light shadow on the bottom. Once you’ve created your button you’ll want to right click on the the blue Over section seen in the image and select Insert Keyframe.

Creating the Rollover Button Effect

Free Transform Tool in Flash

You’ll now have a new frame in flash exactly like the one before it. Only this time, we’re going to be adding the rollover effect to our button. Highlight the button you drew and click on the Free Transform Tool.

Now hold shift while clicking and holding on the top-left corner of the button your drew. Slowly drag the corner to make your button bigger until you are satisfied with the change. The resizing should look a bit like this:Resizing a Button in Flash

Now that you’ve resized your button, you’re going to need to move it back into the center of the screen. For precision tweaking of the newly sized button’s position, you can use the arrow keys to move the button around a small amount at a time. Move it around until you’re satisfied with the positioning.

Once you’re done, click on Scene 1 in the top left corner to return to the stage.

Now hit Control+L to bring up the library. Drag your button onto the stage. Your flash button should now look like this:

Rollover Button on Flash's StageAll that’s left to do in this flash rollover tutorial is test your movie. Do this by hitting Control+Enter. When you hover your mouse over the button, it should get slightly bigger, showing the rollover effect you have applied to it.

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