GamingYourWay LogoIt’s time for another Flash Game Blog Friday. This time around we have another blogging favorite of mine; Gaming Your Way. I chose Gaming Your Way this week for a couple reasons. Gaming Your Way is a great blog that’s been around for awhile, and was one of my influences when starting Freelance Flash Games. Besides the great articles and tutorials, Gaming Your Way consists of two professional game developers who just released their new game CronusX, and for this week they’ve taken over my site’s design with an awesome CronusX themed template.

Run by Squize and Olli, the Gaming Your Way blog was started back in 2007 as a way for the two developers to interact with their fanbase.  Over time it has grown to be more than merely a place for fans to check up on news about their latest games, but a site where developers can go to read up on flash related articles.

Having a blog for over two years can add up to a lot of content. Topics on the blog can range from tutorials and tips to guest speakers and flash news, giving a little bit of something for everyone.

Some of my favorites are their take on news such as cash for flash and suggestions for Adobe or their demos of cool effects and prototypes, with colorful language and an occasional whore added in as a plus (it’s a game link, what were you thinking of?). There’s something for actionscript junkies too, with articles like ActionScript 3 OOP and game AI.

So go on over and check out Gaming Your Way, or start following them on twitter.

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