Looking to cater your games to the male population of flash gamers? I’ve got a couple tips for you to up those scores on your favorite portals.

  • Violence. Like the young crowd, men are much more likely to appreciate violence in a game. Perhaps it’s the desire to feel manly, or maybe it’s just ingrained in us, but men will usually appreciate some tasteful fighting action or violence.
  • Women. There’s a reason so many ad campaigns and movies feature hot models and actors. Men are suckers for a good looking woman, and there’s no better way to get their attention. So if you don’t mind employing the tactics of soul-less advertising companies, go ahead and throw a couple women in there.
  • Avoid cut-scenes. For the most part, guys just want to start playing the game. They don’t need a reason to be killing zombies or blowing up spaceships, it’s just something fun to do.
  • Keep load times to a minimum. If there’s something men can’t stand, it’s waiting for something. Most of us aren’t born with a virtue I like to call patience. So optimize your game from the start to have minimal load times, or if you can’t, then have some of the game load in the background as you play.

Follow these tips, and you’ll be on your way to having a top rated game from the male demographic.

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