Now, I don’t usually do game reviews on Freelance Flash Games, but today is a special occasion. Our friends over at GamingYourWay have developed one of the best looking asteroid shooters I’ve ever seen, and they’ve taken over my site for the week with their awesome new design.

Ima Firin mah Lazer!

The game, titled CronusX, is an asteroids shooter with something more. There’s no plot or storyline, just some good old fashioned asteroid blasting fun. From the retro intro scenes to the gorgeous backgrounds and spaceships, you can tell they took some time getting the graphics just right.

Musically, the soundtrack is excellent. It felt like I was sitting in the midst of a glorious space battle occurring on the big screen in a movie theater.

Now for the best part, fighting enemies and blowing up asteroids. There was a number of different enemies to keep you on the toes of your feet, as well as multiple weapon upgrades to shoot those enemies out of the sky. Gameplay was challenging enough for the hardcore gamers amongst you, yet easy enough for a beginner to pick up and start playing.

I was mildly disappointed in the lack of power-ups for the first few tutorial levels, but once you start upgrading your weapons the game really takes off. You’ll soon have bullets, lazers, or missiles shooting around the screen as you dodge and blast your way across over 15 exciting levels. Then when you feel up for a challenge, see how long you can last in survival mode.

Without further introduction, go play CronusX and blow up scores of asteroids and baddies in this excellent tribute to the classic. Don’t forget to rate it a 5.

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