Flash game players can be a diverse bunch. While certain demographics of flash players will get excited over certain features in your game, those same features will anger players of another age or gender. Here are a couple rules to follow if you want to cater your games to a kids.

Children are in general the most often seen players you will get on the large game portals. Kids are a fickle bunch, with a short attention span. Wondering how to get good ratings from them?

  • Since most kids have a short attention span, you’re going to want to wow them almost immediately. This can be done through a combination of graphics and gameplay. Immerse the player into the game relatively quickly to keep them hooked.
  • Violence is a plus with this demographic. Unfortunately, media these days has turned children into violence cravers. The video games they play and movies they watch desensitizes their brains. If you’re looking to draw in the teenager crowd, adding violence can’t hurt. If you’re aiming for even younger crowds, then violence can be a drawback.
  • Achievements and high scores help. Have you ever submitted a game to Kongregate? They’re notorious for their commenters who will spew nonsense such as “1/5 because it didn’t have badges” or “I’m #1″. Kids love the feeling of competitiveness that achievements and high scores give. Why do you think sports are so popular?
  • Keep it simple. Children aren’t going to want (or be able) to learn a complex controls scheme. Use easy controls to ensure they don’t leave out of frustration.
  • Adjust your difficulty. If you’re looking to cater to kids as gamers, chances are that they won’t be as regular players. Make it easy for them to win, but not boring. Adjusting difficulty is a tough aspect of game development, but it’s essential if you want that 5/5 vote.

If you noticed, I took you through five steps that can increase your score with the younger demographics. Try all of them, and you might just score that coveted 5/5 on your favorite portals.

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