VortixGamesIt’s already the 4th week of Flash Game Blog Friday, and this time we’re going to talk about Vortix Games blog. This blog holds yet another personal achievement for me. It was the first blog I collaborated with on a post. The ideas for my Ideal Sponsorship post were possible with the help of Vlad from Vortix Games, who discussed possible license options and their outcomes for developers via FGL chat.

Vortix Games is a game development studio that consists of  Marco and Vlad. Started a side project, Vortix Games soon blossomed into a full time game development company. With artist Marco and designer/coder Vlad, Vortix Games has been pumping out excellent quality games since.

The Vortix Games blog was started by Vlad to share ideas and expose their company to the world a bit. But, this isn’t your average company blog with product and company info. Vlad actually writes great, useful articles for flash developers.

As a professional game developer, Vlad and Marco have  some views other flash developers may not have thought of before. Posts such as making a living from games, 1st year of game development, and selling non-exclusives all share some really good insight from the perspective of a professional game developer.

Posts such as understanding your player and things a flash game must have are all must reads for making better games. Then, there are some nice articles on the flash games industry and how things like microtransactions, contracts, and sponsorships work.

So give the Vortix Games blog a look, and I promise you’ll see aspects of game development in a new light.


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