MochiCoinsMochi Coins is Mochi Media’s new microtransactions system for games. Like previously reviewed GamerSafe, it contains a nice package of features for game developers to implement into their games.

Let’s start off with what every developer is most interested in; the revenue split. Mochi Coins offers 60% of the revenue generated from sales to the developer. That’s not bad considering the server costs and overhead that comes with running the system.

Now the package of features that are behind the overhead costs. Mochi Coins allows players to save and load games  across the web. This means games can be played wherever a player is at. Played it first at Newgrounds, but now you want to unlock the badges on Kongregate? Mochi Coins will allow you to access the save file no matter where you are.

Another nice feature is that MochiCoins can be used with either Actionscript 2 or 3, meaning games made with any version of flash 7 or higher will qualify.

To purchase microtransactions, a player must first sign up for a free account with Mochi Games, which will allow them to access the universal login and save systems throughout games that utilize Mochi Coins. Players can then proceed to purchase Coins with a variety of payment methods, including favorites like PayPal and credit cards as well as by completing sponsored offers.

Mochi Coins can be used together with other Mochi services such as Distribution, Ads, MochiBot and Live Updates making this system a strong contender in the microtransactions market.

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