Idea Factory, my new game idea generator has been released this week. This little flash application is capable of churning out over 6 quadrillion different unique game ideas.

Ideas are categorized into 6 different categories including shooting, racing, sports, platform, strategy, and defense. Each category contains it’s own specific weapons, characters, items, bios, and more that will help you create the concept for your next hit game.

Some fun facts:

  • There are exactly 6,722,448,180,000,000 different game ideas. I guarantee that you won’t find them all in this lifetime.
  • Idea Factory took about 2 weeks and a lot of brainstorming to create.
  • Idea Factory cost $3 to make. Hint: it was the buttons, courtesy of FlashDen.
  • Idea Factory is compact at just 79 kb. Not bad for over 6 quadrillion different ideas.

Now go give Idea Factory a try, and let me know what you think (or post your funniest game ideas).

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