Week 3 of Flash Game Blog Friday, and this time I’ll be talking about Game Devigner. No personal monuments or achievements for me this time, just a great game development blog.


Game Devigner is a blog that focuses on game programming and design. Run by Paolo Munoz, the site’s unique name comes from the combination of developer and designer that brings together both sides of the game creation process.

Started last year to bring new insight into different aspects of game development, Game Devigner’s topics are about more than just flash, but game creation in general. He brings aspects of video games down to the flash level, giving readers a glimpse into how the ideas or mistakes these multi-million dollar production companies make can be replicated (or avoided) in flash.

Some of my favorites sections of Game Devigner are his articles on fun, piracy and a price’s effects on game sales and, not to be forgotten, sex and it’s impact on the gaming industry. He tries to keep a mix of various game creation aspects flowing on his site, and will even occasionally speak out with some inspirational words of wisdom.

Check out his site, and see flash games from the view a game devigner.

Paolo J. D. Munoz

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