It’s been awhile since my last link post, and this time we have a huge one. I’ve added some new blogs to the Freelancer’s Flash Bash, with topics ranging from microtransactions to tutorials, game advice and more. Here is what’s been going on lately with flash game blogs.

8BitRocket has some good game design notes from Chris Crawford, and an excellent article on the hacker ethic.

Areagle posted a new article about HeyZap microtransactions. He includes interesting info such as eCPMs, features, and how his game fared upon release.

Emanuele Feronato has been working on Box2d tutorials for a basic Filler engine and a platform engine. They’re quite detailed.

Game Devigner has some great posts on story development, college game development, and outsourcing. Let’s hope that last one never happens to us flash developers though.

GamePoetry announced the results of their teaser level for Battalion: Skirmish. Apparently some gamers aren’t content with only one level.

GamingYourWay released his newest game CronusX. I’ve got something special coming up on my site involving it, and let’s just say it’s going to be a bit spacey for a week.

Irevol has a nice post on using the Google Weather API in flash, and how to create a custom mouse pointer in AS3. Now your flash games can always know when it’s sunny out.

LostGarden has created an amazing post on money making methods in flash games. It’s a must read.

Merlin has published his new game Hotel Escape 3. Get out if you can.

Michael James Williams has a new post on game controls in his shoot ‘em up tutorials. Personally, I like moving with the arrow keys and shooting with the mouse.

PhotonStorm just launched a virtual world he’s been working on called WebbliWorld. There’s also a fantastic post on microtransactions and their ramifications. Change is brewing in the flash world.

Phil Peron has been working on an asteroids game using PushButtonEngine. It’s been interesting following along with him.

Prince Porter has some good posts on mouse support, making fun games, and not annoying players. Just remember, players are the ones that will vote on your game.

Rasmus Wriedt Larsen has a new series on Buttons and Menus in AS3, and a nice post on using 8 way character movement.

The Tech Labs created the third part of his Away3d Shoot’em Up game tutorial. Now you can kill 3d baddies.

Trent Polack has some great new posts on open worlds in games and game narratives. They’re nifty reads for game designers.

Vortix Games has some glorious new posts on contracts/self-publishing, things that must be included in a flash game, sponsorships/licenses, selling non-exclusives, and more game developer goodness.

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