HexoSearch is a unique search engine that is completely dedicated to actionscript. There are only 3 search options; Actionscript 2, Actionscript 3, and Flex. The idea is no more going through page upon page of Google’s search results to find the tutorial or piece of code that works.

Built for flash developers, HexoSearch aims to make finding helpful flash tutorials, articles, and code easier. It uses a unique algorithm which takes into account not only keywords and title, but votes as well. HexoSearch allows you to vote up certain sites that you find useful by displaying a small, unobtrusive widget on the page you’re visiting. For example, a simple search for dress up game tutorials brought up results for my How to Make a Dress Up Game article.

Another nice feature is the related keywords, which displays related topics that have been voted on in the search engine. The feature seems a bit off at the moment since the search engine is still growing, but as the user count grows the usefulness of the related topics and the search engine as a whole will too.

So go give HexoSearch a try, and see how it works for you.

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