Emanuele Feronato's flash game blogIt’s week two of flash game blog friday, and it’s time to highlight another favorite flash blog of mine. This time it’s Emanuele Feronato and his excellent, self named, site. Emanuele’s site, like many other site’s that will be featured on these FGBFs, held a special monument for me. It was the first blog that I wrote a guest post for, with my 7 reason to not have a sponsor.

Emanuele Feronato is a self proclaimed Italian geek and programmer who tries to keep his blog fresh with a variety of different topics. It’s more than merely a blog for flash developers, but also has articles for those who want to broaden their influence into topics such as wordpress and php.

Emanuele started the site back in 2006 and has been churning out quality articles ever since. Over 500 articles have been written about actionscript, flash, game design, photoshop, monetization, and more. His collection of tutorials are my favorite, encompassing types such as his popular tower defense, artillery, and platform tutorials. If you find a popular game on the web, you can be almost certain Emanuele will be breaking it apart for you and helping you not only learn how to make a similar mechanic, but how to understand it as well.

More of a webmaster type? Emanuele operates a flash game portal called Triqui, and was nice enough to release his own custom designed plugin for wordpress to help you make your own game portal using the Mochi games feed.

Go ahead and give EmanueleFeronato.com a look, or go be his fan on facebook.

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