2BeeGames, an excellent flash games portal with developers in mind, has recently announced the results of their Indie Games Competition. After lots of voting, the fans and judges narrowed down the 80 game submissions to a mere 3 winners.

The grand winner of the contest, with an amazing $10,000 prize went to Dain Saint and William Stallwood and their game Auditorium. It was a great little music game in which you had to direct a flow of light onto a decibel meter to make music and complete the level. Not only did the game win 10,000 dollars, but it will receive a publishing deal which means even more money and the chance to be recognized on the big stage of one of the top gaming consoles.

Community favorite, and the $5,000 prize was won by Terence Lee and his flash game Storm. Although it isn’t an online game, the gameplay looked pretty good from what I saw. In the game, you must use weather, such as wind, rain and lightning to move a number of balls to the target. I really liked the uniqueness and creativity of it.

The community favorite runner-up, and $2,500 worth of prize money went to Eduoard Mercure and his downloadable game Save the Planet. In this game, you must save the planet by growing the plants, manipulating objects around you, and shooting water balloons to stop the baddies.

If you’re looking to kill some time, have a go at one of these games. They won’t disappoint.

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