Looking to dip your feet into the world of flash games and create your first flash game? I’ve come up with a couple options that are great for beginners looking to learn their first bits of flash game coding goodness.

Avoider Game

Avoider games are simple games in which the player uses the mouse or the keyboard to avoid objects on the screen. While it’s been done quite a lot, if you can add something to make your game different you might just find yourself with a decent game for your portfolio. Looking to make one in AS3? Take a look at Michael James Williams’ slightly more detailed tutorial on making a simple avoider game.


Pong is the game that started it all. What better way to learn flash than to make a pong game. Again, you’ll have to add some features to make it unique if you don’t want it to be put off as just another pong clone. But, do it originally and you could have a great game on your hands. Unfortunately, the quality of most pong tutorials on the internet aren’t great, but you can check out FlashNinjaClan’s or swfSpot’s to get you started. Or, take a look at an AS3 pong tutorial.

Dress-up Games

Doesn’t get much simpler than this. All you need is some talent at art and a couple lines of code. Dress-up games have a pretty devoted following on some game sites, and they’re pretty easy to make. Check out my simple dress-up game tutorial, or check out a tutorial made in flash over at Kongregate. Sorry AS3 users, but it seems no one has made any tutorials for you yet. If you have heard of any, let me know and I’ll add it.

Want more ideas?

Take a look at my method for generating flash game ideas and come up with your own concepts; one might just become a hit.

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