Revenue sharing is a nice option that allows developers to make money from a portal’s advertising. Since site advertising, which can include CPC, CPA, and CPM methods, generally pays much better than in-game advertising it is an excellent additional revenue option when you are distributing your game. Here are a couple site’s that offer revenue share.


Kongregate does a good job of securing high ad revenues for their portal. I’ve heard stories of upwards of $10-$15 eCPMs for some games. Of course the eCPM varies, but Kongregate has by far the highest of all the portals reviewed in this list. All developers that submit their flash games to Kongregate earn a 25% revenue share from the ads on their game page but if you add all of their API’s, you will net a 35% revenue share. On top of that, if your game is exclusive to Kongregate you will earn an extra 15%; making it possible to earn 50% of the ad revenue generated by your game. Payouts occur when you reach $25, and can be received through the mail, PayPal, or MoneyBookers.


Newgrounds offers revenue share for both flash developers and musicians. The metrics package for tracking your stats looks nice, but the eCPM is fairly low. To enable revenue share, you must create an account on Newgrounds and go to your account page, then find the Revenue Box and follow the instructions.


GameGum’s system of revenue sharing is a bit different from Newgrounds and Kongregate. They reward you for being an active user of their site. Depending on how many community points you have, you can earn anywhere from 25-50% revenue share. To be eligible, you’ll need a google Adsense account to enter your publisher id into your account page on GameGum.

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