Flash game sponsorships can be a great revenue opportunity for developers. Developers can be paid big money to implement just a few logos and bits of branding into our game. I’ve had a couple people ask me lately, what does a flash game sponsor gain from a sponsorship? Here’s my take on it.

Sponsors all run their own game portals. These portals are competing for traffic and users. While there are millions of users to go around, there are also thousands of portals out there competing for these users. The more users a portal has, the more money they will be able to make off their advertising.

When it comes to marketing their portal, sponsors have a couple options. There is search engine optimization, which although it is free, is a difficult and time consuming task for most portals. Then, there is pay-per-click advertising, in which a flash game portal can pay to have their ad run on other sites. When users on those other sites click, the portal pays a set amount per click. Lastly, and one of the biggest marketing tools a portal has, is sponsoring games.

By sponsoring games, a portal is looking for more than just clicks through to their site. While clicks are a nice part of the sponsorship, if a portal wanted clicks they would just go to their favorite advertising company and buy them. No, a game portal is looking for branding and recognition when they sponsor a game. They want players to play a great game and associate it with their site.

Thus, by sponsoring good games, the portal will be associated with those games whenever they are played or talked about on the web. Even if a player doesn’t click, they still will have the game portal’s logo in their head whenever they think about a certain game. The more times a player sees the sponsor’s logo in good games, the more curious they will become of the site; resulting in a visit to the sponsor’s game portal.

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