GamerSafe is a microtransactions system developed by the creators of FlashGameLicense. But, the system is more than just a simple payment API. It is a place where gamers can store all their accomplishments and gameplay across multiple sites.

The thing that makes GamerSafe so neat is that it allows gamers to save their games all across the web. This means you can play your game on any portal, and still have your saved games. No more searching your address bar for that site you might have played your favorite game on. With GamerSafe all you have to do is create an account, and your games will be saved on their servers; accessible from any site.

There’s the obvious feature of being able to purchase in-game items, which GamerSafe does pretty well. The premium currency, called GamerGold can be purchased without ever closing your game. Just click on an icon in the game, and you will be taken to a secure payment site, where you can purchase GamerGold in amounts of $1 all the way to $100. Payment methods include the always popular PayPal and credit cards. GamerSafe even supports exchanges from other premium currencies, although that all depends on the other companies willingness.

Besides premium currency, is in-game currency which GamerSafe plans to standardize with their system. You can play games which will hand out the in-game currency, called GamerPoints. These GamerPoints can be won by completing tasks in a game, or unlocking achievements. The FGL staff assured me that games must go through a quality control before being allowed to participate in their system, ensuring gamers can’t just play a spammy Click the Button to earn GamerPoints game.

As I mentioned, GamerSafe is a complete package for flash game players, so the FGL team included the ability to keep track of in-game items and awards. No matter where your games are played, your awards and items will be there too. You can also view them from your profile, letting you stay updated on what games you’ve beaten and which items you’ve unlocked. One feature that’s nice is the ability to view which items or awards you don’t have in a specific game, letting you know which game aspects you still have to unlock.

GamerSafe looks promising so far. With lots of features packed into the system, and even more possible if needed (such as player-to-player transactions, and item carryover between games). While the system only supports AS3 currently, there are plans to make versions for AS2, Java, Unity, and Silverlight as well.

While the system is still in the early beta stages, you can still create an account and get a feel for how it works. So go check out GamerSafe.

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