Game endings are what a player will see last when they leave your game. Most gamers love viewing all their different stats and records in your game, so here’s a list of the top 10 statistics to put on your game over screen.

  1. Score. This one is a must for almost any game. Scores get gamers competitive and can bring up the play time and replay value of your games. So, when they finish your flash game, make sure you show them what they got. Even better, break down their scoring for them. What added points? What took them away?
  2. Time. Make the player race against the clock to compete levels. Or, switch it up and time them on each level. That way none of the casual gamers get stressed about beating a level, but it’s there for the hardcore gamers to compete with.
  3. Money. People love to stockpile money in real life, and the same thing is true for games. Track the total amount of cash a gamer earned over the life of the game, or tell them how much they have left over after their spending spree.
  4. Kills. Most gamers are interested in knowing how many people they can beat, it’s what makes online gaming so big. So let your flash gamers know how many computer players they beat to complete your game. To make it even more detailed, break it down by enemy type.
  5. Deaths. Track the amount of times the player was killed or beaten by the computer. While gamers won’t take pride in the fact, they still want to see the stats.
  6. Rank. Give players a rank based on how well they performed. For example; if they play poorly, they would be a novice. But, if they play amazingly, they would be ranked expert. Be creative in naming your ranks,  tie them into your games, and players will be appreciative of the effort.
  7. Achievements. Track the number of achievements a player received during their latest round. That way they don’t have to go all the way to some obscure achievements screen to find which ones they have unlocked.
  8. Play Time. Tell players how long they have been playing. Although this could backfire and cause them to realize how much time they’ve wasted on your game, hopefully it will make them realize that since they’ve been playing so long they might as well keep playing.
  9. Percent of game complete. If you have a level based game, it could be a good idea to let players know how far along they are in the story. Just a simple bar with percent completed should suffice for the majority of games.
  10. Items. Items can be incredibly useful to players in a game. So let them know just how useful they were. Show players how many items they used in your game, which ones were their most used, or which ones were their least used.

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