I’ve been keeping busy with projects lately, in between writing you articles of course. Between the site and my own personal projects it’s been a busy month. Here’s what I’ve been working on:


I’ve set up a topic pages for you to browse through my site more easily. More topics and grouping are on the way, but you can get started by viewing the flash developers section. It’s a good little section with topics for beginners and experts alike. There’s multiple categories for you to choose from, and some even branch off into their own sections.

I’m on a new web host now. I switched from my old slow host, and now I’ve got my site running nice and fast for you. Check out my post on DownTownHost .

Speaking of site speed, I started tinkering with my plugins and managed to speed up the site even more by messing around with some of their settings on the back end.

There are some new advertisers on board with my site. Recent ones include Screen-Tuts, who have a couple good flash tutorials for you, and CarrotPay, a new system for using microtransactions in your game.

I switched over to Google Analytics for statistics tracking. Among other things, this means I’ll have a more accurate view of how many of you are visiting my pages, and which posts are your favorite.

I created a new slogan for Freelance Flash Games. It’s simple an to the point: Make Better Flash Games. Here’s an ad I made with the new slogan for the MochiAds traffic-share program.

On the suggestion of one of my readers, I added a Make Money category to the site. Expect it to be filled with great posts on making money from your flash games soon.


I’ve been working on a couple of games off and on, and currently have the prototype for a fish eating game, dodgeball game, and freelance pong 2. It’s been tough getting inspiration to to actually finish anything, but I’m thinking Freelance Pong 2 sounds like the highest possibility to be finished at the moment.

Those aren’t the only games I’ve been working on though, under development right now is a shiny new idea generator. It’s a glorious generator that will come up with game ideas for different genres of games. Just pick a genre, and you’ll have a great gameĀ  idea. It’s still in development, but there is already 332,243,314,920 ideas. And that’s only with 2 categories of games. Expect Idea Factory to be released soon.


I’ve been planning to write two eBooks in the coming months. I don’t want to release to many details, but one will be a collaboration with fellow blogger Michael James Williams about setting up a flash blog and marketing yourself on the internet. The other, a self-written eBook, is still in the top secret, early planning stage but it has something to do with making better games.

I’ve also got a very special post planned for you Friday. So stay tuned to see what’s coming up on Freelance Flash Games.

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