The flash portal Newgrounds has recently announced the opening of their new art portal. The art portal is an artist’s home on Newgrounds for their works. It allows established artists to show off their work and have it critiqued and voted on.

I mention established artists because Newgrounds has set up a system in which participation in the art portal is by invite only, to keep up the high standards and avoid low quality submissions. It works by allowing potential artists to build a portfolio of up to 20 works on their userpage. If an established artist likes the potential artist’s work, the potential artist will be ‘scouted’. This means that the potential artist will now become an established artist, with their works appearing in the Newgrounds Art Portal listings.

The art portal is split up into 5 categories; Illustration, Fine Art, 3d Art, Pixel Art, and Other. There is currently no photography being accepted, but there is the possibility of making art available to flash developers for use in their flash games and animations.

Go check out the new art portal and see if you can find yourself and artist for your newest game!

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