I switched my web host recently, hence the lack of a post yesterday. As you may have noticed, my old host was pretty slow and would even occasionally block visitors from viewing my pages. They even suspended my account due to the server load my site was producing on their servers. I had been a loyal customer of WebHostingBuzz for the past two years, and previously had no complaints. But, it seemed Freelance Flash Games was outgrowing their plan, so I’ve upgraded my site to better hosting and service with DownTownHost.

Before I could transfer my site, I realized that I didn’t even own my domain name yet. My domain had actually been one of those Buy Our Hosting, Get a Free Domain deals. After a talk with my previous host’s support, I was able to purchase back the domain and am now officially the proud owner of FreelanceFlashGames.com.

DownTownHost was fairly quick to transfer my site to their servers. They claimed my old host server was running slow, so the total time it took to transfer ended up being a little bit over an hour.

I had done some testing before and after I transfered hosts to see how fast my site was running. Using two different site speed measuring services, here is what I came up with:

WebHostingBuzz Alertra

FreelanceFlashGames New Host

DownTownHost Alertra

Freelance Flash Games New Host

As you can see, the new host is much more reliable in terms of speed than the old one. More consistant numbers all around. Here is some more data, this time compared with Pingdom:

WebHostingBuzz PingDom

Freelance Flash Games Old Host

DownTownHost Pingdom

FreelanceFlashGames New Host

Same size, but faster. What do you think of the new host? Does it seem faster to you?

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