Allowing players to customize certain aspects of their character is one of the keys to replayability.  In this post, I’m going to tell you why you should let players customize their character, and some ways to do it.

By letting players customize their characters, you give them more control over the way the game feels and plays. Players will become emotionally attached to their little creation. Think of the buzz that surrounded the Sims and Spore when they first came out. People love to make custom creations and show them off to the world. The same thing applies to flash games, let people customize the character and they will be more drawn into your game. But, allow them multiple modes of play depending on how they customized, and you’ll have the ultimate replayability.

Here are some great ways to add customization into your game. You can let players customize:

  • Head. This can include multiple customization options; including eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hair, or head gear.
  • Body. Let players choose the type of body the character has (strong, weak, tall, short, etc.), the type of clothes or armor they wear, or any other accessories such as necklaces, shoes or gloves.
  • Weapons. This one is a player favorite. Let players choose between multiple weapon types, and even better is to give those different weapon types distinct attacks.
  • Stats. Allowing players to change a character’s stats puts them more in control of the game’s outcome and let’s them choose their own play style. Options can include speed, strength, magic, agility, toughness, intelligence, and more.
  • Factions. Give players the option to choose sides in your game. Will they fight as the evil-doers for the chance of more cash, or will they fight for righteousness and honor on the side of the heroes?

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