GameJacket, the in-game advertising system that offered 50 cent eCPM guarentees on games using it’s system, recently announced it’s closing as it was unable secure investors after it’s initial start-up. This means big changes in the flash industry, where multiple games using their system have stopped working since the GameJacket servers went down.

It seems the $1,000 advances on games and the guaranteed 50 cent eCPM were just too much for the company to handle. Developer’s who used their system are now out hundreds, even thousands of dollars worth of unpayed revenue.

With GameJacket out the way, it brings less competition for MochiAds to dominate the in-game flash advertising market. More competition is typically better for the comsumer, or in our case the developer, but this could be good news for flash developers as it may allow Mochi to secure GameJacket’s advertisers and bring their eCPM’s up.

As for those who lost money using the GameJacket system, I wish you luck in getting your money back.

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