Most gamer’s love a well thought out enemy. Whether it be humans, machines, or even creatures from another world, players like a variety of enemy types to compete against. Here’s my list of the top 7 flash game enemies.

  1. Zombies. Shoot ‘em, stab ‘em or blow them up, it doesn’t matter. Give a player an arsenal of guns and a couple slow moving zombies to chase them and you’ve got a gamer’s delight.
  2. Ninjas. These sneaky little characters are commonly seen with throwing stars and a katana. For some reason gamer’s just can’t get enough of them.
  3. Dumb Enemies. Game A.I has advanced in great leaps since it first began. Yet, gamer’s still love knowing that they’re better than the computer. Make the A.I. too tough, and no one is going to like playing.
  4. Aliens. Beaming down from flying saucers or shooting laser beams, aliens add a bit of sci-fi and uniqueness to a game. Since no ones ever seen an alien, gamers like to see what sort of aliens and technology you can come up with for them.
  5. Knights. The days of chivalry and pillaging seem to have never ended. Knights bring player’s back to the old days when it was as easy as point and shoot to defeat your enemy.
  6. Soldiers. War has existed throughout almost all of time, and gamer’s want to keep playing games with it as a theme. Whether you’re bringing players back to the days of the world wars, or sweeping them into a futuristic space war, gamers play it.
  7. Cars. There’s billions of dollars in the car industries, why shouldn’t you bring some of that attention your game’s way? Let players be the driver they could never be in real life, or race against their dream cars for this last game enemy.

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