Here’s your latest update with what’s been going on in the flash games industry. This Freelancer’s Flash Bash includes E3, advertising, blogs, game portals, fun, and a critique of one of my articles.

  • 8BitRocket was recognized as an official media outlet for E3. They managed to take some time away from playing hit new games and checking out booth babes to write up some great indie, flash and retro reports from E3.
  • Ahrooga came up with an ad manager for your flash games. Rotate ad spots between your favorite ad services and if you fancy yourself an entrepreneur, try your hand at selling direct advertising within your game.
  • Emanuele Feronato‘s excellent flash blog has turned 3 years old and had over 2 millions visitors in the past year. Think you can help Freelance Flash Games beat him?
  • Gambrinous documented how they built their game portal. Apparently they’re speedy portal makers, and you can be one too.
  • Game Devigner has a nice new article on what makes a game fun. Magic formulas and hopeful prayers won’t make your game any more fun, so go check out his article to see what your flash games need.
  • Gaming Your Way put his amazing X++ shooter onto FGl. Just under 30,000 in-game shots fired later, he released his game’s stats.
  • Michael James Williams is back at work with his avoider game tutorials. He’s even got a forum for you to spam with your comments (please don’t though).
  • Photon Storm released a game magazine he made back in the 80′s. Watch out, because now he’s got the talent to make some of those game ideas come to life.
  • IqAndreas wrote a critical response to one of my posts about game fonts. It’s an excellent argument, and since he’s talking about one of my posts, it’s a must read.

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