Kongregate has recently added a new collabs section to the site, which aims to encourage flash developers, artists, and musicians to work together to create great games. Kongregate is clearly vying to increase their developer community, which they have already been promoting with their revenue sharing process and Kreds feature.

The new collabs section was mainly set up for musicians and artists. True, while a developer can look for musicians and artists via the collabs section of the Kongregate forum, this update was geared toward increasing the number of musicians and artists on the site; giving away hundreds to even thousands of dollars worth of prizes for submissions.

The art section is a nice little area where you have the option to submit submit artwork, vote on artwork, or go to the art forum. Submitting and voting on work is pretty straightforward. To submit, just fill out a couple of forms, check your license type for the art, and you’re good to go. The forums seemed like a decent place, with competitions, guides, and resources to improve your graphics.

The sounds section is a bit more detailed. Since the competition and money give-aways are sponsored by Scion, they included a sounds mixer tool called Scion: Mash-up Mixer. It basically lets you take two sound files, and mix them together using a slider in the middle of the screen. As for the sounds section, it’s pretty similar to the art. You can upload sounds and music; filling out forms and selecting your terms of use. It’s pretty easy to view and rate tracks, but the sounds section seemed to be missing a forum. So for now, musicians will have to be content with at least having their own space to submit tracks.

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