When you become a big time game maker and start rolling in the cash (or even if you’re a newcomer to developing flash games), you’re going to want a way to keep track of all that money you’re earning. I’ve found a great service called Outright that is a simple and easy to use online book keeping software. There’s nothing to download and you can start tracking your earnings and expenses as soon as you sign up.

A nifty little feature Outright has is the ability to find tax deductions for you. This built in feature helps you save money, and even alerts you when taxes are due so you aren’t fined late fees from the IRS. I haven’t tested it yet, but the tax feature looks promising.

One feature I have used is input boxes for entering earnings and expenses. I can easily enter my game or advertising sales into the form; including how much I made, a description of the sale so I know what I earned the money from and how long it will last, as well as the date the sale was entered. Plus, it’s just nice to see how much I’ve been earning.

So if you’ve been looking for a bookkeeping site to keep track of your online finances, give Outright a try.

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