I’ve been talking a bit about using a More Games banner in games lately, and have some new ideas for you on how to get more clickthrough’s on your banners. As you know, most people are distrustful of advertising, but if you give them something they want or are interested in, they’ll be more likely to click it. Here are 5 ways to get more clickthroughs on your More Games banners.

  1. Make it stand out. No one will click on your banner if they can’t see it. Make yours contrast with the background so that it stands out and players are more likely notice it.
  2. Blend your More Games banner into the background. On the opposite end of making it stand out is making it blend into the overall design of your game. For example, you could blend it into the scenery of your game’s background.
  3. Link to specific games. Instead of offering a generic link to your site, use a couple thumbnails that link to different games that are the same theme as your game. Players will be more likely to click through on a specific game since they know what they are getting.
  4. Time it right. Players don’t want to go to another game or site as soon as they start playing your game, so give them that option at the right time. For example, when they have just lost and are frustrated, give them the option of playing another game. Or when they win and are bored of your game, give them the More Games banner.
  5. Reward them for clicking it. If your game has achievements, a money system or upgrades, you can reward the player for clinking on your More Games banner by offering them an achievement or a bit of extra cash to spend on those upgrades. Whichever way you choose, this shows that you appreciate their support and will convince many of them to go to your site. Be forewarned though, a lot of the clicks will not stay, since most of them will only want the reward.

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