Earlier, I talked about why as a developer you should own a website. Now that you have a website, you should start promoting it in your games. Obviously, you can use a splash screen in the beginning of the game, and maybe throw your site into the credits, but what about a More Games banner? It can be tough to integrate it in a way that makes players want to click on it. So here are 5 ideas on how to add a more games banner into your game.

  1. Put it in the menu screen. This is typical of most games. Just create a button in your menu screen that has a more games link. It’s simple, but the clickthrough rate will be relatively low.
  2. Put it on the game over screen. This can be done for winning or losing the game. At the end game screen, players will be more likely to be looking for other games to play. Help them out by providing a More Games banner.
  3. Add it in the pause menu. This one isn’t going to get you to many clickthroughs, as players will be in the middle of your game and won’t really be looking to switch to another one (hopefully). But it’s always an option.
  4. Place it on a loading screen. If your game loads assets when gameplay initiates, you can put in a more games button there. The player will be bored while the game loads and will be more likely to click on it. Secret: even if your game doesn’t load assets, you can fake it. Most players won’t even know.
  5. Insert it into the level design. Make the More Games button part of your level design. Players could be intrigued by your originality and click on it. Possible options could be a road sign on a racing game or even the writing on a house or tree in a platformer.

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